dental implant procedure in Woodbridge

How Can You Benefit From A Dental Implant

Dental implants are a smart choice for when you are experiencing tooth decay, injury, or infection. These implants look and act just like natural teeth, providing support to your jawbone structure.

If you are experiencing oral problems, a dental implant procedure in Woodbridge can help normalize your oral health. These implants are a better long-term investment than other teeth replacement options.

Here is a list of the advantages of getting a dental implant.

Good Success Rate

It is highly unlikely that you face any issue with the fitting of the implants. If you get the newest implants with an improved implanting technique, the success rate can go as high as 98%.


Dentures and dental bridges have to be replaced every five years. If taken care of, implants can last you a lifetime. They are specifically designed to fuse with your bone as a permanent tooth replacement.

Improved Oral Structure

Any empty space in between teeth can affect the structural integrity of your jawbone. Dental implants act as replacement tooth roots. They reduce bone deterioration and preserve natural tooth tissue without removing any adjacent teeth.

dental implant procedure in Woodbridge

Improved Comfort

Removable dentures and dental bridges do not have tooth roots to stay still. They are continuously eroding and make no real improvements to your jaw. Dental implants can eliminate these problems since they are permanently fitted in.

Do Not Affect Your Eating Ability

Dentures can slip out of place when you are chewing foods. This can cause a mess as you try to keep them in place with adhesive while eating. Once placed, implants act like normal teeth. In fact, adding implants to replace the missing teeth help you chew better and speak more clearly.


The advantages of getting dental implants outweigh any disadvantages. They remain secure, protect your jaw, and fit in well with your actual teeth. With natural-looking dental implants, you can live your life confidently without getting conscious every time you smile.